Issues and Topics

  • Topics

    The topics of the sessions:

    • Effectiveness of the Humanitarian Action
    • Women and the Humanitarian Action
    • Women Refugees and IDP (Internally Displaced People)
    • Middle East: The plight of women
  • Themes

    Discussions during sessions will take into account the following cross-cutting themes:

    • do no harm;
    • psycho-social mental health and trauma;
    • gender-based violence;
    • food security;
    • reproductive health (women’s health);
    • gender and disability;
    • rights-based approaches to humanitarian action;
    • culturally sensitive humanitarian action;
    • gender sensitive emergency response;
    • cost-effectiveness;
    • fundraising alternatives;
    • need based approach;
    • role of intergovernmental and non governmental organizations;
    • role of CSOs;
    • ad hoc responses;
    • empowerment of women refugees and building long term resilience;
    • women refugees as leaders of humanitarian action;
    • displaced women’s daily lives;
    • women’s role in conflict resolution and prevention;
    • assessment of gender-specific needs in coordinating humanitarian action;
    • preventing abuse of women refugees and IDPs;
    • similar refugee situations;
    • responsibilities of state authorities
  • Working Groups

    • gender sensitive emergency response;
    • empowerment of women refugees and long term resilience;
    • preventing abuse of women refugees and IDPs;
    • role of CSOs and responsibilities of state authorities;
    • do no harm.
  • Parliamentary Roundtable (closed session)

    This roundtable will discuss gender sensitive refugee- asylum seeker and IDP policies and potential for collaborative action by lawmakers in international and national fora to support gender sensitive humanitarian action and policies.

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