The Istanbul Summit is an international, non-governmental, multi-sector forum, which aims to gather primarily women leaders and stakeholders from every quarter of the international community with a new topic each year.

It aims to provide a setting for networking and experience sharing among stakeholders around the world to exchange ideas and seek ways of cooperation to address contemporary global challenges in a gender sensitive manner.

The Summit is organized by the Women’s Platform of the Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) from Turkey.

Outcome Documents

final documentsThe Istanbul Summit issues three outcome documents: A 'Final Declaration' prepared by the Final Declaration Preparatory Committee consisting of academics and experts, the 'Working Groups Outcomes' which summarize the discussion of the working groups and a 'Call for Action' of the parliamentary roundtable.

Outcome Documents

Photos to be Seen!

summit photosThe colorful Family Photo of the Summit reflects the energy and dynamism of the program. Please visit below link for all the photos from Summit.

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